Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Mom's really killer house + her status as a certified interior designer = me doing her portfolio up for her and possibly jumping on the bandwagon with her since I'm jobless in the city. Because getting your nails done with your mom is WAY out these days, we're getting our business cards done together! Here are just a few of the shots I took of our apartment that will hopefully soon be featured in her portfolio and new website.
I definitely suckled some of the decorating skills from her ample bosom so she recently paid me a little som'n som'n to organize the dining arrangement for this themed birthday dinner party she was throwing to surprise a friend. So, no, the random ball lanterns in the corner aren't part of the house's original setup. The theme was Oriental so I was up on ladders slapping shit to the ceiling...just, nonsense. ridonculous. I'm just like her though. Once I get started, I go to deathly measures to get the absolute best out of any item's potential. Mistress Ivy went sunbathing at the pool for hours and came back and we weren't done. By the time I was, I was cranky as hell and didn't feel like doing anything. Plus I wasn't invited to the already fully seated party. Ivy and I did go out for sashimi and unagi rolls though, which naturally cheered me straight up. Nothing gets better than raw salmon and barbecued eel. Well, I suppose a decorating job would.

...grrr toying with the idea of being my mom's partner is definitely not making me at ease about my future. I mean it might mean having to live here in Abu Dhabi, where I know the clientele is raking it in and totally off their rockers for stylish, elaborate interiors, but on the other hand, it unfortunately also means my relationship with Panda will be even moreso long distance. Like how completely polar are Abu Dhabi and Los Angeles? Fuxsake. Stay tuned....

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