Tuesday, June 30, 2009


PURPLE HAS BEEN INFILTRATING MY LIFE FOR THE LAST COUPLE YEARS! So while everyone else is tributing the late M.J. (In the Closet was THE best thing that happened to me musically at the age of 10, but what can I say? I'm just not in the mood for mourning), I shall pay homage to this perennial slice of the rainbow. And this is a mere fraction of my disgustingly vast Violet Beauregarde'd horde.

[really! purple laces: River Island; mirrored cloth knapsack: from a stall at the Old Souq in Dubai; yoga mat: Nike; scrub thing: at your local Boots or something; Palmolive Anti-Stess Aromatherapy Shower Gel with Patchouli, Ylang ylang and Lavender: same as scrub, I guess; exercise ball: ?]

I kinda hate it when I do two consecutive fashion posts but I suppose this is more of a 'Things I Love Tuesdays' meets the colour purple. I was complaining to Panda this morning about how I have a serious lack of things to share with you lately (which I obviously still do), so after watching Dumb and Dumber, I took out my camera and locked myself and some pretty things in the bathroom.

With the help of my mother's impressive wrist-flicking movements while swiping some serious plastic, I was able to start the slow and steady process of replenishing my wardrobe's dwindling post London contents. And as the summer sales are now in full swing, I have a pretty fucking decent armful of fashion newbies in tow that I ACTUALLY don't mind showing you. Turning a new leaf is so fun...and so in fashion.

I actually only have three new buys pictured here (yoga mat, necklace, bag) because I got colour scheme side-tracked (fail!) but runner up posts will no doubt include the rest.

But we must recap on the cultural necklace! It's soooo cool. I bought it at one of the local markets for like the equivalent of 3 quid. And that was only because I 'have a berry bootiful smile'. It's usually filled with arabic perfume or eyeliner and they use the very lethal looking metal prong thing to apply it. Hang that around your neck and you're golden for the day. But I think I'm okay with it having just the one garb garnishing function. Don't really fancy eyeball tetanus.

Other things I like right now:
garlic (did you know sticking a clove of garlic inside your vagina and leaving it there overnight can get rid of a yeast infection? And despite the raging TMI factor of that statement, I'll still find you here tomorrow, am I right?)
Desperate Housewives
fresh watermelon juice
El Dia de los Muertos
impossible heels
the guy singing 5am muslim prayer on loudspeaker somewhere VERY nearby
Native American make-up
those much whispered about Nina Ricci heel-less boots (namely numero uno (MORE PURPLE!))
books about the health benefits of foods in alphabetical order like...
back to back old school Tom and Jerry on the projector in the kid's section of the Marina Mall food court
2 hour bus rides to Dubai
Dandayamana Dhanurasana pose
and Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein Vanilla Chai Tea (this cold madness with soy milk, green and chai tea and all this crazy natural good shit blah blah blah which, I swear, if you put this on drip for me, I could quit Starbucks)

I may be heading to Dubai tomorrow to meet this courier who's bringing me this clear retainer for my septum piercing so I can take pictures without embarassing my dad and snag job interviews without embarassing myself. I also have a hip problem. Calling the physiotherapist tomorrow for an appointment.


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wow...those heel-less boots like dangerous!

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