Wednesday, June 17, 2009


2 things. Even though I found out my US Residency application was accepted yesterday, I still had a pretty shit day + the best fun I've ever had at the cinema was when I went to see Deathproof/Planet Terror in San Jose 2 years ago with Panda. I love old Grindhouse movies so naturally, I tuned in last night when Deathproof came on TV, rather than opting for Mistress Ivy's suggestion of having a night out. I can't imagine why you wouldn't have already seen this one but the gist is, Kiwi homegirl in pink (sexy stunt woman Zoe Bell - in real life and on screen) came all the way to America to visit her friends and to test drive this white Dodge Challenger a la Vanishing Point and do the Ship's Mass stunt on it. Then this crazy old stunt man on the road in his deathproof car (Kurt Russell) comes terrorising them. See the movie. He kills some sexy bitches in a seriously unsexy limb-tearing way earlier on. But this set of bitches just won't have it after he nearly kills them all. So this is the ending scene where they kick his lily ass and which I swear was making my underwear a wild waterslide at a major theme park. Watch past the credits too. Ooh and the end song is sooo good.

So that, with bad expensive red wine from my parent's cabinet, some hummus, pita, tabbouleh and grilled halloumi more than made my night. I'm really loving vegetarianism out here and am getting into the healthy eating crap. It can be fun.


DeeVine said...

The car chase up to the kicking of the ass is the best part of the whole film.

Kara said...

WHAT! I disagree. Three hot chicks giving a killer a good tarantino ass-whooping? yes please. only cus i'll never see the day wen i look so good some male fiend. sucks.