Thursday, November 18, 2010


Oh, but I do sit down to some serious work too! It's just that my office is way cooler than yours. It's anywhere I fucking want it to be. Today, I missed my mum so it's at her apartment.

LOOKING: Like a cute and willing Nylon intern in a lot of fucking bows. Blouse - New Look, Skinnies - hand me downs from my little sis (yes, correct), Flats - Dune. Upon waking up, I was instantly aware that pretending to play the part of a preppy little secretary was the only way I was going to get anything done today. I've been super lazy these last few days, and it's because my nearly severed middle finger is just too distracting!! And pityful! Yeah, I sliced through a third of it while attacking some cheese (a no carb diet will do that to you). I think I told you this already though. As much as I love having The Fox do my dishes for me because of it, I am dying for it to heal so I can get back in the ring! I honestly do miss sweat stink boxing gloves.

READING: David Sedaris' 'Holidays On Ice'; just in time for the festive season, even if in it he does a stellar job showing Christmas up for how hilariously miserable and meaningless it really is. If you ask me, he is the sort of dinner guest I would bring to the Christmas table.

DRINKING: Coronitas! Yes! Stupidly small bottles of Corona made for, oh, I dunno, children? They're way cuter than children though and you shouldn't have to bat an eyelid to figure out which one I'd adopt first.

WATCHING: Well, the last thing I went out of my way to see was 'The Social Network'. Underwhelming, just like the December issue of Australian Vogue. hmph. As for the last thing I didn't even have to get out of bed to see? Se7en on DVD. Love it. What I really am dying to see? Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete'. I have been waiting for this since it was just a wee fake trailer in 'Grindhouse'. It has finally landed. Is it true The Lohan stars as a gun wielding nun? Like, what the fuck's not to love?

SMELLING OF: Some Hugo Boss scent or other. Too chicken to spritz the teardrop of a portion left in my Chanel bottle. Meanwhile, praying for Tom Ford's 'Black Orchid' under the tree this year.

EATING: spicy tomato with rice soup. I swear it's like crack in a can....but red with a soupy texture.

DREAMING OF: Going home to my bed. My Fox-y sense is tingling. I think he's at my doorstep.

IȾ iϟ Ẇrittɇn.


Anonymous said...

I fucking LOVE that blouse. Give it to me, please. Now.

Kara said...

:p nope!