Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Yes please! From Normann

Last thing you ate: egg fried rice

Last thing you drank: green tea

Last thing you watched: my money disappear

Last thing you bought: 6 months rent

Last thing you returned: probably something from Zara I overexcitedly purchased under the impression that I was skinny

Last thing you dreamt of: my boyfriend cheating on me

Last thing you fought with someone about: being moody

Last thing you regretted: nothing

Last thing you forgot: how big your boobs can get leading up to your period. Big scare this morning.

Last thing you wrote: an article probably

Last text you received: 'I have one thing to say to you Miss Kara. Fantastic....' from my new landlord (!!!!)

Last thing you laughed at: penis conversation. Heck, even the word 'penis' makes me smile. It's a DICK, okay!?

Last thing you read: the latest issue of our mag before it got sent out to the public an hour ago.

Last thing you felt proud about: being part of a publication that just got ranked the number one magazine in the UAE. Champagne and higher pay for everyone...or so we all hope.

Last thing you considered: not going to work tomorrow

Last person you spoke to: The Fox

Last thing you saw that you wanted: a coffee table! Seriously. NOT a pair of shoes.

Last thing you stole: his heart

Last thing you realised: that I am so tied down to this apartment now that I won't be able to travel at all this year. Real bummer. I had big plans: the UK for Download Festival, Lollapalooza in Chicago, Istanbul, surfing and humanitarian acts in Ecuador...

Last thing you decided: to go to work tomorrow 
Honourable mentions this week:
the mushroom soup at The One, soup generally, champagne, the perks of being poor, spa treatments, blindfolded dinners, sustainable schools, fitness, polyvore, mothers, surprises, random acts of kindness, tea with milk, dressing better for work, carpooling
IȾ iϟ Ẇrittɇn.

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