Saturday, February 6, 2010


At the moment I'm watching Michelle Pfeiffer's Cat Woman transformation (yeaaahh!!) and thinking I give last night an F minus. Fack! It was the Flatliners (Sambuca, Tequila and Tabasco Sauce), but I love 'em. Anyway, doesn't matter; the night before at Left Bank was a total killer. Stinkin' pure House music, awesome company (an entourage of hot Palestinian guys) and the studded Zara jacket!

So recently I've been...

-getting home at four in the morning

-working my butt off for the mag

-ogling the total sartorial winners in new Spanish store Uterque at Abu Dhabi Mall???!! (OH MY GOD, TOO GOOD!)

-afraid to get my next pay cheque because of said store and the stuff I saw in Zara over the weekend

-a sore loser and decided to cease training for the triathlon (there's just too much going on that I have to fund right now so don't have the money to spare for this (registration fees, gear etc.))

-in awe of the roaring cars at the Yas Marina Circuit (yuh know, I thought Formula 1 racing was boring but it's really one of those sports you have to witness firsthand)

-toying with the idea of learning how to burn rubber on the fuckin' track too!

-enjoying reading Murakami's Kafka on the Shore (albeit at a painfully slow pace)

-smiling everytime I see the E-ticket on my desk for my upcoming trip to the Philippines! (yup! booked! 18th to 26th!)

-listening to drivers' sad life stories in the back of taxis

-getting pleasantly lost in the back streets of town

-getting hair inspiration from a 6 year old blonde girl

-chilling by the pool

-really enjoying the salad buffet at work since I started this whole no-carb thing

-having first fights with The Fox

-hanging with too many ripped, fitness-obsessed Palestinians and feeling a need to up my game at the gym

-gearing up to interview this really famous actor I used to have a crush on when I was a tween!

-having really lacklustre work style that definitely needs to end soon!


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