Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Christmas 09
Christmas 09 by thelonelylondoner

Just some of the things I might want to receive (or have) this year, not including pilates classes at Soma, a hula hoop, money for my Philippines trip, a nipple piercing, a tattoo or 2, gift certificates at Zara and Topshop and A LOT OF OTHER THINGS! But feel free to click for details if you see something you'd like to get someone last minute though. I'll probably do another one of these because dreaming trumps everything else I'm doing right now (which is why I haven't been blogging).

SHIT, it's been a minute! How you been? My grandmother's visiting for the holidays and has taken over my room so I now room with my 14 year old sister. I also got offered a small gig for the next couple weeks and was turned it down a couple days later due to them finding someone with more experience last minute (hence twiddling my thumbs madly while waiting for this other pay check to come in). I also became a chocolate junkie over the last few days without even realising it which, while having a one to one moment with my stomach today, we realised is due to my severely limited diet of no meats or carbs, because I have NEVER been one of those chocolate frenzied women - in fact, I don't usually eat it at all. So shit's been a bit lame on this end, which is why I'm happy to have Into the Wild, Almost Famous and back to back CSI on Show On Demand on our TV right now, as well as a newly bought bottle of Absolut Rock (featured above) which I bought in Duty Free on my way back from Trinidad.

OH! And my mother and I are thinking of starting a business! I don't know...we have a wild idea (that's not really so wild, but more than doable) and I'm not going to fuck it up by saying anything just yet so I hope this Polyvore set will suffice for now until I'm back in top form.

AND WELCOME TO NEW FOLLOWERS! I would advise you otherwise but I no longer give advice - whatever floats your boat.

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