Sunday, December 13, 2009


Been a while. I've been around...

biking along the waterfrontwith my brother

admiring 'Our Father Zayed'
and boats
and drinking muscle builder shakes with peanut butter and whey protein in it
and running from the rain
and chowing on sashimi salads
and raving like a resident disco rat (Creamfields was amazing!)

Looking...pretty damn good, I must say. One of my favourite things to do these days is examine myself naked, and I'm thinking of becoming a naturist once I get my own place haha. I'll tell you, though, it's been no easy fate - 10 mile bike rides and yoga everyday, plus I banned carbs.

Reading...the same damn Murakami novel because I've been so fucking busy an apartment building surrounded by insane levels of murky water (our one day of rain a year turns the nation into fucking Atlantis

Working...freelance for a beauty mag that's just starting up here, and writing a couple features here and there for some other folks

Listening to...totally in a raving state of mind after Creamfields (Calvin Harris, Deadmau5...) and pretty much anything thumpy I can cycle to for 45 mins straight on my 10 mile rides.

Drinking...pure green tea, iced chai tea lattes, pure melon juice, nai cha, and the occasional can of Heinekken.

Watching...not much, but Persepolis was on earlier and I think that's a decent movie. Otherwise, we're all mostly stunned by the floods downstairs and have been filming it all day.

Smelling of...chlorine and Garnier Fructis products

anything but carbs

Dreaming of...the wildest dream I had recently involved me getting matching nipple piercings and being boob cuddly with my 'girlfriend' Rihanna (I swear, I'm not even attracted to her so I don't know what that was about but I called my ex to tell him as soon as I woke up because I thought he would appreciate the gesture)

Wearing...Vans and my favourite dirty black skinnies, hoodies and leather (can't be arsed quite often these days and these pieces never fail)....or workout clothing

Trying...not getting insanely trashed when I socialize (so far so good)

Wanting...everything that Bona Drag and Alex and Chloe are stocking is on my Christmas list this year. I've been dreading a Christmas wishlist blog post because that content is too hot (and expensive) to handle.

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