Friday, August 20, 2010


Having not a scrap of internet in my new flat is sort of refreshing. I haven't read this much in a long time...
Some I've just finished or am working my way through...

I suppose I recommend all, but none of the others have been quite as sexy to read as my Murakami's Norweigan Wood. And I hear The Passage is something to hold on to so hard your knuckles turn white with fear. I'm still only at the beginning of this 784-page grownup, uncuddly vampire saga of the summer, but I'll let you know if and when my knuckles fall in line.

(And Becks, dearest, if you're reading, I am still trying to make my way through Kafka on the Shore, and that's only because I want to fully capture every moment. Riveting stuff. And I know my absence from Facebook makes it seem as if I've died but Facebook just isn't my ideal way to spend the last few remaining months of the year. Miss you too!)
IȾ iϟ Ẇrittɇn.

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